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A UK Charity working to improve healthcare on Likoma Island, in Malawi

African Steps works on Likoma Island, Malawi, in partnership with St Peter's Hospital, to provide healthcare for some of the poorest and most remote people in the world. We are supplying vital drugs and medical equipment and are fighting to stop the constant stream of deaths from preventable diseases.  

Help us build a better future for the people of Likoma

St Peter's hospital is largely neglected by the Malawian Government and without African Steps would not remain open. By making a gift to African Steps you can help us provide the basic healthcare which every person on the Island needs to survive.


“We believe strongly that costs must be kept to a minimum and, therefore, all UK administration is done by the trustees at no cost to the charity.”


Latest News:

June 2015

Fantastic news - Solar power is installed at St Peter's Hospital - there is now 24 hour power

November 2014

Report of life saving Heart Screening Program

August 2014

New ambulance boat arrives from South Africa

April 2014

Hospital staff wade through the lake to unload latest shipment of urgently needed

medical equipment